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Securing the Future of Education with Windows 11

Windows 11 not only offers advanced, affordable, and intuitive tools for educators and students, but also addresses the pressing issue of cybersecurity threats. With the digital transformation of education, the need for robust security measures has never been greater. Windows 11 is purpose-built to meet these security challenges head-on, providing peace of mind for K-12 IT administrators and ensuring a secure and seamless experience for all. Explore how Windows 11 can be the solution to safeguard your school’s digital environment. 

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Safer Learning Experiences

Windows 11 devices integrate hardware and software protections for powerful security, including 3.1X reduction in firmware attacks.  

Industry Leading Protection

Confidently protect students, teachers, and staff, with the advanced security that businesses find results in 2.8X fewer instances of identity theft.

Privacy Commitment

Microsoft is committed to maintaining students' privacy when they are using our services and devices, no matter where they are. 

Unified Solutions

Build secure devices experiences with seamless solutions - optimized to connect across your existing tools, applications, and platforms. 

Microsoft's approach to Zero Trust

As schools continue to adapt to the complexities of remote access, the Zero trust model helps K-12 systems follow the best practice of "never trust, always verify".

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Microsoft security professionals

1.3 billion

Windows devices in use globally

20 billion+

Invested in security over 5 years

4.3 trillion

Security signals analyzed daily

Windows 11 Devices from CDW Education

With Windows 11 devices, you can enable online and offline learning anywhere while advancing security for schools, educators, and students. Replacing aging PCs with new Windows 11 devices significantly decreases security risks.



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