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Chromebooks offer a new way to manage your classroom and instruct your students. Choose from a full range of models, power levels, and capabilities to find your ideal teaching tool. Sleek, powerful, and ready for anything, Chromebooks are built for simplicity without sacrificing performance or sophistication. Educators can manage their classes, create lessons and supporting materials, grade assignments, and collaborate with their co-workers, all on one easy-to-use, secure, and cloud-based machine.

Simply Versatile

Customize each device with a variety of tools, applications, extensions, and preferences that can serve student needs and fit teaching styles.

Fast and Reliable

Rapid boot-up and charging, long battery life, durability, repairability, and offline mode keep devices ready for daily use.

Productively Efficient

Stay connected to the school community while maintaining an organized virtual desktop with separate work streams and exceptional storage capacity.

Safe and Secure

Built-in security keeps sensitive files and personal data safe from cybercriminals without having to install additional antivirus software.

Teach, cast, record, and manage class – all at once.

Learn how Screencast and cast moderator work together seamlessly to let educators and students share their screens right from their Chromebooks to the front of the class wirelessly as they record.

085-TAS-Screencast YouTube Thumbnail-BW_V2-01

Record, trim, share, and view transcribed screencasts with the Screencast app on Chrome OS – and create a custom library of videos automatically saved in Google Drive.

086-TAS-Cast Moderator YouTube Thumbnail-BW_V1-01

Inspire students to share their ideas on the big screen – while always staying in control of who’s casting in your classroom – with cast moderator.

Test drive Chrome hardware with your educators.

Check out CDW Education's Chrome for Teachers Pilot Offer.

It often took 10 to 15 minutes to get started on our previous devices for every lesson. Chromebooks take 10 to 15 seconds to start; there were no problems with connectivity or logging in. Teachers trust them more, so they use them more for lessons. That also influenced our buying decision.
-IT Specialist, City School District, Sweden

Source: Matthew Marden and Tom Mainelli, “The Economic Value of Chromebooks for Education,” IDC, May 2020.

Educator Chromebooks from CDW Education


Acer Spin 713


Asus Flip CX5


HP Chromebook 14


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Lenovo Thinkpad C13 Yoga


Fewer Unplanned Outages



Less Frequent Reboot



Less Time to Reboot



Less Time Spent on Maintenance

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