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The Classroom Modernization Series

Develop a modern, flexible, and collaborative learning environment piece by piece with guidance from our industry specialists and through the power of our Edtech solutions. In the Classroom Modernization Series, our lineup of consultants and Ed Strategists will highlight how:

  • AI technology, like Merlyn Mind, is being implemented in the classroom
  • Changes in the display landscape are impacting the future of education
  • Interactive flat panels can become key factors in digital signage, emergency alerts, and student engagement
  • Other districts are using AV equipment across their campuses


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Does AI Belong in the Classroom?

AI is here to stay. The question isn't "will we use AI?" It's "how will we use AI?" And for those of us in education, getting it right is up to the choices we make today and the tools we allow into our classrooms. 

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 5 Unique Ways to Use Interactive Flat Panels 

An interactive display while powerful on its own is fast becoming a hub for the modern classroom. There have been many other pieces of technology released to pair well with displays. 

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K12 Display Trends: This Year is Different

Interactive Flat Panels have been in education for a number of years with new updates coming out every year. This year though is quite different from before as there are completely new products and options that schools can determine a better customized fit for their needs. 

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How CDW Education Helps AV Work at Scale: A Fireside Chat with Chicago Public Schools

When it comes to partnering and working with large school districts, CDW takes a hands-on active approach to meeting our customers where they are and getting them to where they need to be. 

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