Fully Leverage the Power of Google Workspace for Education

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CDW Education understands the necessary changes, potential resistance, and learning associated with a full scale integration of Google Workspace for Education. We want to ensure you have everything you need to address these concerns.

The K12 Blueprint to Success is a comprehensive guide that helps schools prepare their community of stakeholders for the adoption of Google Workspace for Education by highlighting how its applications, services, and features:

  • Enable administrators to manage the infrastructure, digital security, and cross-district collaboration

  • Empower teachers to educate students using instructional differentiation, engagement, and feedback

  • Equip students to learn through their unique learning style and formative assessment

  • Evolve parent and guardian involvement with effective communication and by tracking student growth

  • Manage technical change with buy-in and training

Google Workspace for Education Plus has enabled the Romoland School District to provide a robust, secure, and flexible instructional technology environment that supports the diverse needs of students, teachers, and support staff
Chief Technology Officer, Romoland School District

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If you are a technical leader searching for a way to communicate the value of a Google Workspace for Education, download the K12 Blueprint to Success.